Selecting a Builder

Horror stories associated with choosing the wrong builder are commonplace. Since there are thousands of parts and decisions to be made when building a custom home, it’s important to have an experienced professional looking out for your best interest. Our team holds over 75 years of experience serving Omaha families designing and building new homes. Our number one priority is to be your advocate and guardian through the entire home building experience. The best part for our clients… Our service is free.

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Our Process

Key factors we help with when choosing a Builder and Designing your Dream Home.

  • 1We constantly research the Omaha area Builders and their overall service and satisfaction rating with their past clients. Our research helps you make sure to get your perfect builder match at the price you want.
  • 2We make sure you get the very best quality and design available in the marketplace today, at the very best value.
  • 3We help you design EXACTLY the home YOU want. Our goal is to make the home design process fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your family.
  • 4We help you find the perfect Interior Designer that best fits YOUR style and to assist you in making your most important decisions during floor plan design and the selection process.
  • 5We confirm the Builder's construction has stood the test of time. Decades from now, the quality and design of your home truly matters most.
  • 6We compare each Builder’s warranties, their comprehensiveness of services, process and accountability to insure a smooth transition.
  • 7We analyze each builder's online Internet construction and building software (if any), its ease of use and how it substantially benefits you and the enjoyability of your building experience.
  • 8We review and compare the builders policies including but not limited to: scheduling, change orders, documentation, selections, bids and communication.
  • 9We confirm ALL builder certifications and qualifications to insure your investment is safeguarded through the process.
  • 10Our team compares the builder’s history of initial price estimate vs. final price to avoid the horror stories of “bait and switch”. The goal is to know exactly the cost before construction begins.
  • 11We provide consultation on energy efficiency, green building options, benefits, payback period and certifications of the home where available. We help you get just the right level of "Green" you want in your new home.
  • 12We research the builder’s promised delivery time to true completion time to avoid over-promising and under-delivering on the completion date of your new home.
  • 13We determine the process for inspection of the building project at key points of construction to address any matters that need to be corrected before they may cause larger and longer-term issues.
  • 14We insure you enjoy the building process from start to finish. Our copyrighted checklist keeps you on track. When you are building a new home it is important to have a great time doing it. We organize and safeguard the entire project so you don't have to.


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